Berean Watch – Table of Contents

New and Emphasized Entries

This first entry is a new webapge as of 7/01/2024. It includes interviews with Dr. David Martin, Karen Kingston and Dr. Peter McCullough, providing updates to latest information on exposing the corruption involved with the people and organizations behind the release and “support” of the Covid attack on humanity.

July 2024 – Status of Covid and Related Issues

And these following two entries from early Spring 2024 are provided as support information for a published review of the book: The Big Fail: What the Pandemic Revealed About Who America Protects and Who It Leaves Behind.

Here is the review:

The Big Fail: What the Pandemic Revealed About Who America Protects and Who It Leaves Behind

And here are the notes:

Book Review Notes – The Big Fail

Note: The information contained in the above webpage is vital for understanding the forces that planned, developed and implemented Covid upon the world.

Political Correctness

The following webpage deals with issues of Critical Theory at Southern Seminary in 2020, and the next webpage then deals with similar problems in overall academia:

Sliding to the Left?

Combating Entrenched Postmodern neo-Marxist Ideology in Academia

* * *

The following two webpages provide links to videos of several interviews between the Founder of a conservative Evangelical think tank and two of the intellectuals who undertook a stealth project, posing as ‘grievance scholars’, submitting a series of ‘bogus’ articles to leading Grievance Studies journals, and achieving successful publication of 7 articles, one winning an award, and two based upon thoughts expressed in “Mein Kampf”

Partial Transcript: The Trojan Horse that Deconstructs Communities

Grievance Studies and Societal Meltdown

* * *

Metaxas Interviews Horowitz on ‘Dark Agenda’

Jordan Peterson Interview by Cathy Newman (January 2018)

Prayers for Jordan Peterson at Liberty University

Jordan Peterson – 2016 – 2019

Note: Especially important in this next page is an interview with the son of one of the founders of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef.

Jordan Peterson – Spring 2024

Dealing with Same-Sex Attraction

The following webpage provides exposure to the thinking of anti-feminism scholar Janice Fiamengo; she emerged on the scene at the same time another Canadian scholar Jordan Peterson. YouTube banished virtually all her posted videos.

Janice Fiamengo – Introduction

Election 2020

The following two webpages deal with the collaboration of Western governments in the 20th century with the ascent of Communism is its various forms.

Diana West from American Betrayal to The Red Thread

Vladimir Bukovsky and the West’s Collusion with Soviet Russia

* * *

Conservative Christian Activists – 2019

Voddie Baucham – Social Justice and the Gospel

A Decade of Alex Newman

The Political Correctness Primer work started in 2018, but was set aside when Covid arrived. So it essentially deals with Political correctness up until the end of 2019.

A Political Correctness Primer


Note: These constitute a small sampling of webpages dealing with Covid.  Over time, more might be added.

This first entry was provided to the Massachusetts legislature in support of testimony at a July 2023 hearing on vaccine mandates for both children and adults.

Attachment to the Joint Committee on Public Health – July 26, 2023

Detox Options for mRNA Contamination from Covid Shots

Karen Kingston – Sample Output, 1st Quarter 2023

Food Clandestinely Loaded with Bio-weaponized Material

Unprecedented Sudden Death

Dr. David Martin and Med-Legal Analyst Karen Kingston

Accountability for Biowarfare Against Humanity

Innate Immune Suppression by Covid-19 “Vaccines”

Edward Dowd – Covid-19 By the Numbers

Bringing Covid-19 Perpetrators to Justice

Karen Kingston 2023 – Covid-19-related Substacks

Karen Kingston 2023 – Nanotechnology in mRNA “Vaccines”

Food Clandestinely Loaded with Bio-weaponized Material

The Inexcusable Risks of Covid Vaccines for Children

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design – 2019 – Sample Videos

Critique of Theistic Evolution

Intelligent Design Videos

Intelligent Design – 2019

Intelligent Design Videos

Dallas 2020 Conference on Science and Faith

Here is Israeli Talmud Scholar and former MIT Physics professor on Genesis 1.

Genesis 1 – Reconciliation of Biblical and Scientific Views


Climate Change Realities

Climate Reality Forum at COP25 – December 3, 2019

Heartland Institute 13th International Conference on Climate Change

Climate Videos

Climate Change Realism – Overview

Climate Realism Videos

While not just about “Climate Change”, one of Geoengineering activities is to supposedly release particles into the air above the earth to reflect some of the sun. The major problem is that this is totally unnecessary, and essentially pollutes the air for no reason.

Geoengineering – Poluting the World for Nefarious Goals

Word Economic Forum

Yuval Noah Harari – Klaus Schwab’s Close Advisor

Warning: there are very troubling scenes in some of the following videos.

The Fall of the Cabal – Film Series

Summer 2022 – Sample Voices of Resistance to the Globalists

End Times and Other Sermons

End Times Prophetic Voices – 2019

Biblical Prophecy

Prophetic Voices – July 2020

End Times Prophecy – 2020

Reuben Welch on Romans

Here is a new webpage as of late June 2024, providing information on Revivalist preacher Richard Owens Roberts:

Richard Owen Roberts – Revivalist


Choral Anthems – Found on YouTube

Rudolph Lutz and Bach Choral Music

Brahms Requiem – with Choral Score

Ignat Solzhenitsyn

Shostakovish 5 and Historical Context

DSCH Use in Shostakovich #10

Beethoven – Missa Solemnis – An Analysis of a Recording

JSM Music on YouTube

Brooklyn Tab and Similar Music

Christus Chorale

MacDonald Family – Music for the Lord

Favorite Bluegrass Gospel

Bela Fleck – My Bluegrass Heart

Ragtime Sampler

Dick’s Piano – Various Styles

Dick Keyboard – In Ensembles